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Eleven2 Coupons January 2016

Eleven2 Coupons January 2016 – the latest January 2016 Eleven2 coupon codes. Save up to 60% with these Eleven2 coupons.

Choosing the right web hosting company for your website can be confusing. This is mainly because there are no shortages of web hosting companies out there. In fact, if you Google ‘web hosting’, you will be bombarded with options. What’s more confusing is the fact that almost all websites you might come across will not shy away from claiming that they are the best in the business with great uptime percentages and amazing customer support teams. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth as only a select few web hosting companies offer professional and reliable service.


Eleven2 Coupons January 2016

Amongst few other genuinely good web hosting companies, Eleven2 stands tall as probably the best in the market today. They have great packages that cater to all needs as well have a super responsive customer support team and state-of-the-art server infrastructure to back it all up. The website itself has clever yet simple design that makes it easy for both seasoned and newbie website owners. Another thing we really liked about Eleven2 is that they do not use deceptive marketing phrases to falsely claim they offer unlimited storage space’, which we all know by now are nothing but gimmicks. In fact, they prefer to inform customers about the exact amount of disk space they get for the package they select. Let’s take an in-depth look at what Eleven2 has to offer in terms of service and features.

Eleven2 Features:
4 Value-For-Money Offerings: Keeping things simple, Eleven2 only offers 4 different web hosting plans all oriented to serve different segments of customers. The first service is their Shared plans, which in our opinion is an incredible value for money package. Their Shared plans are meant for individual website owners who want a blend of necessary features and great customer service at a rock-bottom monthly cost. There are also Eleven2 coupons available which give you a further discount on the Shared package. Apart from that they offer Reseller Hosting plans, which are meant for businesses who want to sell hosting packages to others but lack the infrastructure, customer support, and expertise. They also have Virtual Premium Server plans which are meant for heavy websites and gives more storage, bandwidth, and customizability compared to the Shared plans. Lastly, they have Enterprise Server plans which are geared towards serving large corporations and businesses who want features such as dedicated servers, RAID protection, up to 10TB of bandwidth, and more.

Multiple Backup Servers:
Data loss can prove to be a huge setback for any business. This is why Eleven2 has multiple backup servers for all their plans. This is a great advantage as most web hosting companies charge extra for backup services.

24X7 Technical Support Team:
Eleven2 boasts a tech support team that never sleeps and is available 365 days a year. It’s also worth mentioning that their tech support teams are based in the US and the UK. Customers can get in touch with Eleven2 by live chat, direct phone calls, and through support ticket system. All in all Eleven2 has a very responsive tech support team that jumps into action as soon as they receive customer queries, requests, and complaints.

cPanel Integration:
Unlike a lot of web hosting companies that charge extra for cPanel subscription, Eleven2 offers it as a free service for some of the premium plans. This is a neat little addon that arms customers with a great deal of controlling and customizing power without forcing them to spend more.

Eleven2 Advantages:
Value: Whether you have an Eleven2 coupon or not, you have to agree that the pricing of the plans are well below the standard market rates. Starting from the budget Shared plans to the premium Enterprise plans all of the packages come with a host of useful features without the hiked price tag.

Unbeatable Performance:
Slow network speed can drive traffic away from your website and can cause huge financial losses. Eleven2 uses some of the most sophisticated server technologies to ensure that your website loads up lightning fast every single time. In addition to that, Eleven2 also uses CloudFlare technology to save you website’s content which in turn drastically reduces the loading time.

Efficient Customer Support:
As mentioned earlier, Eleven2 has a 24X7 customer support team that’s dedicated to resolve any issue at the quickest possible time frame.
Money Back Guarantee: Eleven2 boasts an impressive uptime of 99.9%. What’s more impressive is the fact that the company gives a full money back guarantees on the claimed uptime percentage. Customers can ask for a full refund within 60 days if they are in any way unsatisfied with the service.

Final Verdict:
Eleven2 successfully checks all the boxes and is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting companies in the market today. After reviewing its services, we give it a full 5-star rating and recommend highly to anyone who’s looking for an efficient, reliable, and a value-for-money web hosting solution.

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