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Fatcow Coupons January 2016

Fatcow Coupons January 2016 – the latest Fatcow Coupon Codes for January 2016. Save up to 50% of webhosting with these Fatcow Coupons.

FatCow is a popular multi-national company that offers its services to clients in different parts of the world such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Canada. Fatcow web hosting plans are very popular worldwide due to the sheer number of impressive features offered by them. Moreover, the company also has a very friendly crew working in the Support Team as it truly cares about serving its customers well, which is a huge plus point. Thus, customers can contact them any time to get answers to their questions or information about their services and rest assured that they would be given satisfactory responses or answers by the Customer Support team of Fatcow.


Fatcow Coupon January 2016

One of the reasons why FatCow webhosting plans are so popular amongst clients around world is because they come at very competitive prices. Moreover, these plans come with all the features that are required in order for an individual or an organization to have a successful online presence in the World Wide Web. The all-in-one robust original Fatcow hosting plan is a great long term solution for both business as well as personal websites. On signing up with FatCow and paying the webhosting fees, one would be able to enjoy instant activation.

What sets FatCow webhosting service apart from its competitors is the fact that it is extremely user-friendly. FatCow makes the task of designing and creating a professional-looking website as easy as counting 1-2-3! There is a vast array of dynamic templates and themes to choose from, therefore you can effortlessly build up a functional and great-looking website for yourself with a few clicks here and there! Despite of using templates and themes for site building, you can rest assured that the end result would not be a cookie-cutter website that has a common look and lacks originality!

Another reason why FatCow webhosting plans are so appealing is because they come with highly user-friendly application installation wizards. These wizards are convenient to use and they come with easy instructions in a step-by-step format. With the help of these wizards you can easily add different types of applications to your website, such as blog software, photo galleries and so on. FatCow webhosting services are also great for e-commerce shopping sites as it comes with a wide spread of tools such as shopping carts, sales option, integration with a payment gateway, catalogs with coupons, credit card usage facility and so on.

Recently, FatCow has also started offering 1GB cloud storage facility to its customers to enable them to store their music, videos, photographs and documents. These can be accessed by the customers from any device at any time irrespective of the location! An interesting fact about FatCow company is that it is a completely eco-friendly one. All the data centers and offices of FatCow around the world are completely powered by wind energy. Thus, customers can revel in the fact that they are doing their bit to help create a greener planet because the machines that are hosting their websites and emails are powered with renewable sources of energy!

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