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Hostgator Coupons March 2016

Hostgator Coupons March 2016 – a listing of the latest March 2016 hostgator coupon codes. Save over 50% on hostgator webhosting in the month of March 2016.

Hostgator is currently one of the fastest growing webhosting companies in the World. Based in Houston Texas, Hostgator provides webhosting to tens of millions of websites all around the World. Today I will be providing you with some exclusive coupon codes to get your website hosted with Hostgator for as low as 1 cent for the first month.


Hostgator Coupons March 2016

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An Honest Review of Hostgator Webhosting Services

As someone who has used Hostgator to host and publish a number of websites, I think it’s time I wrote an in-depth review of their services. I’ve used the Hostgator platform to build personal and business websites, including websites for clients, who were always pleased with the fast response times for loading pages.

I’ll admit my review won’t contain many negative things to say, in fact this will be a rather glowing review. I simply have not found a better webhosting service, despite experimenting with many others. I’ve been a Hostgator customer for a number of years and have used their services to host a variety of websites, from non-profit organizations to financial loan businesses.

Hostgator provides the easiest and most intuitive user interface I’ve ever used for website publishing. Migrating domains is done nearly instantly, which is useful if you’re considering switching from your current webhosting provider. Hostgator also features the incredibly handy cPanel, which allows you to quickly and easily set up things such as FTP access, domain-name email accounts, managing website backups, and a large variety of other useful services to tweak your website and security.

For those familiar with publishing WordPress websites, Hostgator is incredibly easy to use. Webhosting packages come with 1-click WordPress installations, which means you don’t need to fiddle with installing WordPress yourself from a package directory. This is a relief to anyone who has experienced the nightmare of trying to install WordPress on a native Linux distribution, or experimented with running servers yourself.

While Hostgator is great for first time website builders or people who need a friendly and easy webhost, it also offers more complex services. You can purchase Linux-based Virtual Private Servers, which come in various options. VPS plans are a great option for people who need a little more power and traffic handling capability, and don’t mind paying a few extra bucks per month.

You can also purchase dedicated servers which are highly customizable. Dedicated servers are the way to go for people who need a server that can handle huge amounts of data transfers, such as online gaming. These dedicated servers offer packages such as 16gb of RAM, 1TB of storage, and 25TB of monthly data transfer.

There are cheaper dedicated service webhosts out there, or webhosts that offer a larger amount of RAM and storage, but Hostgator stays competitive with their pricing options.

Another benefit of Hostgator is that you can purchase dedicated servers in both Windows and Linux. This is actually remarkable because most other webhosts, even ones that are competing with Hostgator, offer only one or the other. So when it comes to flexibility, Hostgator pretty much wins that category.

Hostgator’s customer support is fast and friendly, with live chat representatives able to communicate with you around the clock. I’ve used webhosting services where I made a few “user errors” and attempted to get some help from the customer service, only for them to basically make me feel like an idiot, and leave me stranded. Hostgator’s support team has always been extraordinarily friendly, helpful, and gave me tips and resource documentation on correcting the mistakes I made.

There are very few downsides to Hostgator, but in the interest of fairness, I’ll list a few. It’s quite easy for a customer to get lost and confused in the myriad of package plans. For example, a basic WordPress blog will cost you about $12.95 per month, but a business package will cost you $30. A pro plan goes up to $90 per month.

Hostgator also tries to recommend you into signing up for larger plans than what you may actually need, so people who are entirely new to publishing websites may need to do a little research on what sort of webhosting package they actually require.

Furthermore, you need to pay extra for layers of security. If you’re just running a basic WordPress blog, you can skate by with basic SSL security. However, business website owners will want to take advantage of the dedicated SSL site offer, which comes with the business plan.

At the end of the day, Hostgator primarily caters to several types of people. Brand new website designers, experienced business website developers, and people who are seeking affordable, quality dedicated servers. It’s usually hard to please everyone, but Hostgator typically does just that.


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