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HostNine Coupons January 2016

HostNine Coupons January 2016 – the latest HostNine Coupon Codes for January 2016. Save up to 40% on webhosting with these HostNine Coupons.

HostNine can be referred to as a relatively new company in this business. However, the network built by HostNine makes use of latest software applications and built-in redundancy measures. They also employ an organized network of interlinked data centers that automatically determine the quickest possible way to take care of website requests. What this means is that HostNine has fast servers with flexible technology to deal with traffic spikes and security threats in an efficient manner.


HostNine Coupons January 2016

When it comes to the type of hosting, this web hosting services provider offers numerous options to choose from; for instance, HostNine offer Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. The great aspect is the fact that free email is included in all of these plans as well as a free domain name when you decide to sign up for one year or more. In this article, you will be able to find out about how to use HostNine discount coupons.

It appears as if every company wants to put their promo box in a different location. But, with HostNine, the promo code is placed at the bottom of the shopping cart page. If your computer has low resolution, you may not even notice that it is there. In order to get the shopping cart, you need to take the following steps:

· Choose your hosting plan.

· Choose your domain name.

· Refuse “ID Protection” option.

Once you are done with these steps, you can enter the promo code at the bottom of the screen. The code will be applied as you click on the “validate code” option.

Now let’s focus on choosing your datacenter:

Most web hosting firms randomly assign you to one of their data centers. Usually, you have no say in where your website’s server should be located. As a matter of fact, most webmasters don’t have any idea as to where their website is presently hosted. However, with HostNine, you get to choose where which location you want your website to be located. In addition to that, they offer three options for the US: East, West, and Central. Likewise, there are three international locations: Amsterdam, Berkshire, and Singapore. The US locations are Texas, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

If your website is hosted within the United States, then the difference between Washington DC and Texas will not have any negative impacts over website speed and SEO. In case you have a local website, then getting your website’s server located closer to where your customers live could make Google give more weight to your website.

With that being said, no matter what type of service you are looking for, using discount coupons could help you to avail services at a reduced cost. But, it is equally important to properly gauge the value and quality of the services, instead of settling for the cheapest of the cheapest. HostNine is an incredible web host that can handle all of your specific web hosting needs and requirements.

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