Dreamhost Coupons January 2016

Dreamhost Coupons January 2016 – the latest Dreamhost Coupon Codes for January 2016. Save over 50% on dreamhost webhosting in January 2016.

Dreamhost is a web hosting company that was founded in 1997 by four college undergraduate friends. Ever since it has shared innovative, creative, and affordable solutions to the web hosting market. And it has never stopped, they have been dominating the web hosting global market with reliable programs, fantastic and more efficient client support, including personal web servers. Nevertheless they have brought you some of the biggest discounts with promotion codes that are updated almost on a daily basis. Dreamhost discount codes are effective and really pocket friendly. Lets take a look at some of their plans discussing their features as well.


Dreamhost Coupon January 2016

Dreamhost $97 discount promo code:

With this promo code, you will only pay as little as $1.87 per month for hosting and you are guaranteed to one free domain. This in turn lets you enjoy a complete unlimited webhosting for about $22 per year. Don’t forget that this Dreamhost discount code lets you register domain name for free.

Dreamhost $86 discount promo code

This code lets you save $86 for your first year of usage.

Dreamhost $50 discount promo code

Just like the other code, the $95 off discount, this code allows you to save $50 off your first year of usage plus a free domain name.

Dreamhost $50 or $75 discount promo code

Unlike the other codes, this code lets you save fifty dollars off your first year of usage or $75 off your second year of usage.

Features of Dreamhost discount codes

Almost all of these discount codes come with some Dreamhost features, they include:

Unlimited Storage and bandwidth

This feature lets you have enough space that you will need to set up your site so you can have unlimited traffic to your site.

Unlimited email accounts

This is another feature that doesnt limit you. It allows you to create as many emails as you can.

WordPress Installer

Dreamhost has made it easier for you. All you have to do is just click and wordpress will automatically install on your web hosting account.

Unique IP address

They offer you a unique IP address for your websites despite the fact that you are using a shared web hosting platform.


Dreamhost discount codes offers you a cPanel importer for importing your old web information to your new website.

Reasons to choose Dreamhost web hosting

Dreamhost Company provides you with some of the major choices so as you can visit your websites directly not forgetting the unlimited data storage or enough disc space. Furthermore, they offer more data transfer usage, unlimited choice of websites, unlimited choice of email, unlimited source of MySQL data, plus a Linux system especially if you are a new subscriber. Plus, among the other things you will get to choose are sub-domains, including websites.

Dreamhost in turn thanks its customers through the provision of efficient customer service and continued development of web hosting technologies. The technologies are modern and in line with the current wen hosting demands. One of these technologies include, Dreamobjects which is a public cloud storage service accessible through their Dreamhost Panel, API, and other applications.

Another reason why Dreamhost should be your choice for webhosting services is the fact that they provide clients with an easy website interface, for instance you don’t have to be an expert at webhosting or web developing to do some of the tasks. With Dreamhost you get simple setting up clicks that are up to standard. They include, automatic WordPress click platforms, WebCalendar, Innovative Study, among others. Nevertheless, you will get immediate website back ups once you set up the web with Dreamhost.

In addition, Dreamhost web hosting do not cost that much since they charge less expensive rates for their many services and programs. The rates start at $8.95 up to about $22. Furthermore, most of their rates are charged yearly of course with few being charged monthly. This is beneficial for you since you end up saving large sums of dollars from $50 to $97, is that not amazing? What more can you ask for? Hope it is not security related. Dreamhost provides a perfectly safe web for you. And as if that’s not enough, if you have hick ups, the company offers a %100 money back guarantee within thirty days.

Finally, to wrap it all up, Dreamhost discount codes are pocket friendly. They come with excellent features that are good for your website. Plus they are money saving codes. Therefore this article not only recommends Dreamhost company but endorses it globally for web users.