Site5 Coupons January 2016

Site5 Coupons January 2016 – a listing of the latest Site5 Coupon Codes for January 2016. Save up to 40% on webhosting with these Site5 Coupons.

With the rising number of web hosting providers out there, it can be a challenging process to determine which features will suit your needs as a webmaster. Too often shopping for web hosting can be like playing a shell game; features you may not need are bandied about while the ones you do need aren’t included. Indeed, while some providers may offer what seems at first glance to be a good deal, a closer look can often reveal they actually offer sub-par features. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff and determine a good web host? In this article, we’ll look at Site5 and examine features, pricing, and other important factors.


Site5 Coupons January 2016

While new players are constantly coming and going from the web hosting scene, Site5 isn’t one of them. In fact, they’re one of the most established providers around, having recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. In our opinion, they offer one of the best standard features lists around, and their hosting services come bundled in three tiers: hostBasic, hostPro, and hostPro + Turbo. Let’s examine the different options.

Standard Features
All Site5 web hosting plans come with the following included:
– Unlimited disk space
– Unlimited bandwidth
– Multi-location support
– Free migration to Site5 from another provider
– Free site backups
– Backstage, their all-in-one interface for managing the hosting account
– Custom cPanel administrator dashboard
– Local, non-outsourced support
– One-click script installs
– Stats and analytics
– Unlimited email accounts
– Unrivaled backend infrastructure including SQL, FTP & SFTP, Cron Jobs and e-commerce features
– 99.9% uptime guarantee- 45-day money back guarantee

For any webmaster, having unlimited disk space and bandwidth is vital and this is where Site5 shines. It offers the peace of mind of knowing that there’s no limit on file size and storage space, as well as the fact that the number of visitor hits to your site are limited only by your imagination. Their free migration service makes switching your files to Site5 a breeze, and everything can be accessed by their custom cPanel interface, the most commonly-used and easily-accessible interface in the business. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee ensuring your site will always be there, and if you aren’t satisfied with their service for any reason, their 45-day money back guarantee will make sure that you are.


For basic web hosting needs, the hostBasic plan offers a feature-rich environment that doesn’t scrimp on value. Designed for single-site hosting, hostBasic comes with all the standard features that set Site5 apart from the rest, all for the equivalent cost of a piece of gum per day. The plan starts at $4.95 per month, not bad at all for 17 cents per day.


For multi-site needs, hostPro offers the ability to add on unlimited domains and subdomains to your web hosting account in addition to the many standard features. You can easily manage all your sites with the cPanel and Backstage portals. Build your online empire easily and effectively with Site5’s hostPro package starting at only $8.95 per month or about 30 cents per day.

hostPro + Turbo

For the ultimate in web hosting features, hostPro + Turbo will not disappoint. Combining all the standard features with the ability to add unlimited sites to your hosting account, this package offers the ability to add a dedicated IP address as well as a separate control panel for each site. All of these features are available starting at $11.95 per month, or 40 cents per day.


Site5 boasts a jam-packed range of web hosting products that will suit any webmaster’s needs. Their hostBasic package stacks up against virtually any web host out there, and for the price their list of standard features alone represents a fantastic value. Having compared Site5 with most large web hosting providers around we heartily recommend them and rate them a 5 out of 5.