Siteground Coupons January 2016

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Whether you’re an experienced user or a noobie in the world of web hosting, the matter of choosing the right hosting company for your website can be quite a headache. Nobody wants to spend their time chatting with tech support because their site has been going down on a regular basis, and that kind of issue happens all too often these days. So, how to choose the right hosting company? Well, after some thorough testing, we have a simple answer for you – SiteGround.


Siteground Coupon January 2016

The best thing about SiteGround is that your website will actually be up and running 99% of the time, which is an incredible upgrade when compared to most other hosting companies. Your site will usually experience downtime only during the rare scheduled maintenance, and you will always get a warning before that happens. The biggest reason for these fantastic uptime figures lies in their server monitoring software which resolves most issues automatically and without any human interaction.

But merely being up is not quite enough, right? The website also needs to be fast – and it is, thanks to SiteGround’s advanced caching features. The technology is called SuperCatcher and it operates flawlessly, improving the speed of your site while also enabling it to handle a large number of hits.

If something does go wrong with your site, you can have faith in SiteGround’s customer support team. The company boasts with a 24/7 support service for its users, and their boasts are completely justified. Not only they respond within a couple of minutes of you submitting a query, but they also have competent technicians able to resolve almost all the issues your site can face. Most of the time you won’t even have to contact the support team – the majority of queries you have can be answered by simply watching the helpful online tutorials on their site. SiteGround makes an extra effort by regularly updating these tutorials, so checking them out is a good first step when familiarizing yourself with their service.

SiteGround uses cPanel as their control panel, which has always been a great pick in terms of accessibility. It makes installing WordPress, Joomla or Magento a fairly streamlined process, while also giving you access to great developer toolkits. Other than being easy to navigate, cPanel contains some useful enhanced features which help it stand out from the competition.

SiteGround offers its users three web hosting plans:

• StartUp – the basic hosting plan, lets you host a single domain and comes with 10GB of space. Price: $3.95
• GrowBig – lets you host unlimited websites and comes with 20GB of space. Price: $7.95
• GoGeek – 30GB of space and some additional useful features, including Free SSL and a PCI compliant server. Price: $14.95

The GrowBig and GoGeek plans also come with all three levels of SuperCatcher, thus enabling its true potential. No matter which hosting plan you choose, you will absolutely get the bang for your buck.

As you can see, SiteGround provides its users with efficient service at some very affordable prices. When you combine that with the reliable tech support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it’s obvious other hosting companies simply don’t stand a chance when compared to SiteGround.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Hostgator vs Siteground 2016

When it comes to discussing about Hostgator vs Siteground, there are some crucial aspects that should be taken into consideration. A comparison will be carried out between these two professional webhosting companies to determine which one is better than the other for hosting business and e-commerce websites. In this article, you will be able to compare the two companies based on price, technical support, uptime, editorial ratings, speed, and other important factors.

Hostgator vs Siteground 2016

Hosting Price and Features:

Having been committed to fulfilling all the business needs for over a decade, Hostgator now offers three shared web hosting plans, in addition to various dedicated server and VPS hosting plans. Moreover, the price of the shared web hosting begins from just $4.16 per month.

On the other hand, Siteground also offers three shared web hosting plans that can serve businesses having a maximum of 100,000 monthly visits. Thanks to the 60% discount offered by the company, the price of the packages becomes fairly affordable, which starts at $3.95 per month. But, the regular price of the web hosting plan generally begins from $9.95 per month, which is much higher than the industry.

As far as making a comparison between the features of the basic plans of these two hosting companies is concerned, there are plenty of aspects that need to be factored in. For instance, while Hostgator offers unlimited disk space for its members, Siteground imposes 10GB limit on disk space. Moreover, Hostgator offers $100 Google AdWords credits while Siteground does not offer anything in this regard. Also, you can avail Hostgator coupon code to cut down on your web hosting costs. However, using coupon code for Siteground is usually not recommended.

Web Hosting Speed and Uptime:

When talking about web hosting uptime and speed, the quality of data center and network facilities cannot be overlooked. The performance of sites hosted by both Hostgator and Siteground is backed up by a number of first-grade data centers and the perfect network connectivity.

Hostgator has partnered with Softlayer, a collocation provider that owns some of the most advanced and sophisticated data centers containing multiple power generators, power feeds, UPS backups, and round the clock server monitoring. The network used to keep the websites connected is completely redundant, which is purchased from Cisco.

Siteground has three 3 data centers situated in Chicago, Amsterdam, and Singapore, respectively. All of these data centers are fully equipped with power redundancy, high performance web servers, network redundancy, and high quality physical security to ensure that customers’ websites are stable and secure.

As far as speed is concerned, the server response time of Hostgator averages 330ms, which is roughly 50% quicker than that of Siteground, averaging 500ms.

Technical Support:

Quality technical support is essential for online businesses, especially for those sites that have no technicians working on the site management. In this regard, both Hostgator and Siteground are effective options, since they offer 24/7 technical support via phone, email, or live chat.

In order to evaluate their support quality, the support teams of both these companies have been contacted many times through different ways. The average response time for Hostgator is 33 seconds on phone, 30 seconds on live chat, and about 4 hours for emails. On the other hand, the average response time for Siteground is 60 seconds on phone, 50 seconds on live chat, and 7 hours for emails.


There is a stern comparison between Hostgator and Siteground, as both of them are among the leading web hosting services available in the market today. Both have the motivation and strong customer base to grow further. Both services offer impressive features and pricing, in addition to offering excellent customer support. They have got the hardware and the software to beat a number of other services with relative amount of ease. Thus, you can’t go wrong with either service.

With that being said, Hostgator and Siteground are both efficient for providing high quality web hosting services. If a choice has to be made between them, you are recommended to go for Hostgator, as it is better in price, performance, features, and refund policy. So, if you are wondering as to which web hosting solution is best for your business needs, make sure to consider these aspects in order to make an informed decision. This review will help you understand about your specific requirements.