WPEngine Coupons January 2016

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When it comes to discussing WPEngine webhosting plans, there are some important aspects that should be taken into consideration. WPEngine is a relatively new WordPress host in comparison to the other webhosting services available. But, thanks to its intelligent management and great market position, it has managed to garner a ton of influencers and important figures in the wordpress field. Smart yet important individuals who run WordPress.com invested in WPEngine back in 2011. MarketingClique, Balsamiq, and SportsNetworker, are just a few of the popular brands that are now using the worry-free WP engine hosting platform.


WPEngine Coupons January 2016

Let’s first discuss the advantages of employing WPEngine webhosting services:

· One of the best aspects of hiring this web host is the fact that WP Engine is being run by a team of WordPress geeks. All the way from the CEO and the executives to the basic support staff, every one of them is extremely accomplished and expert in their respective fields. It can be regarded as the best managed WordPress hosting company with the best WordPress support.

· Another great thing about WPEngine is the fact that it offers absolutely optimized servers. WPEngine is tried and tested by a number of successful bloggers and webmasters to be highly responsive.

· Scalability is another major positive aspect of WPEngine hosting service. WPEngine ensures of nearly 100 percent server uptime. This has been made possible due to the incredible use of cloud computing techniques and methods.

· WPEngine conducts all necessary WordPress upgrades and malware searches while you sleep, site backup is performed every day, and WPEngine pledges entirely secure hosting environment. Webmasters have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to ensuring site security with WPEngine.

· WPEngine offers assistance if you need to move your sites. WPEngine is available to handle your WordPress website migration.

· Finally, WPEngine webhosting service is considerably cheap and affordable.

If you are still unsure of what web host to choose, then you must do the match. For instance, Vaultpress costs you $40 a month while Backupbuddy costs around $75 the least. But, the WPEngine entry level plan costs just under $30 a month for one WordPress install. That price includes different other features and security systems such as virus scanning, site backups, reliable restore points, completely managed WP updates, and hacker free guarantees.

With that being said, WPEngine is perfect for your webhosting needs, if:

· You manage one WordPress site that attains medium to very high traffic levels.

· You believe there is a likelihood of your site landing the front page.

· You pay your bills by running the WordPress site.

· You are afraid of your site being hacked.

· You don’t like the idea of having to maintain your WordPress site yourself.

Thus, when you are looking to select WPEngine webhosting service, consideration of these aspects is imperative. You need to take your time to find out what it’s all about, and how you can use it correctly. The more you know about their service, the better it is for your business. It is a cost-effective option for a number of individuals and small-scale businesses.