Eleven2 Coupons 2016

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Eleven2 is a global leader in the web hosting space and has been for more than a decade. The US-based company specializes in offering a variety of web hosting plans for web masters of all kinds for a very reasonable price. The packages offered can be purchased in monthly periods to lower the price points for long-committing customers.


Eleven Coupons 2016

Features and Benefits

Eleven2 offers web hosting packages for web masters with all levels of experience and objectives for their web presence. With a major emphasis on shared and cloud hosting, Eleven2 offers comprehensive packages that make it a one-stop shop. Within each category of hosting servers – shared, reseller, virtual, enterprise – are various tiered packages ranging from less than $4 a month – with current 40% off discount – to $700 a month. There are major differences between the categories and packages within them that help to narrow down your choice when comparing the features and benefits of each plan.

The main features and benefits to consider for basic web hosting, design, and functions are: storage, bandwidth, domain limits, and percentage average uptime.

Storage is the feature that will dictate how large your website can be. Eleven2 sells anywhere from 10GB to 500GB of storage for shared servers, and depending on the website design you are looking for, the storage will be a very important limitation. If you are planning to run a very simple, text-based site with limited pages, you may be able to skirt passed with their lowest, least expensive package.

The bandwidth will determine how quickly your site will run. Eleven2 guarantees lightning fast websites. Knowing what kind of website and website design you’ll be hosting and how many visitors you can expect at any given time will help you choose the package with the right bandwidth for you.
Domain Limits

Domain add-ons are the number of domains you can link to a single account. This means you will be able to host and control multiple domains all within a single control panel through Eleven2. This can include your email accounts, forwarding, sending, and receiving of messages. If multiple domains is a necessary feature for you, the majority of Eleven2 packages offer unlimited add-on domains with prices starting as low at $6.00 a month, package inclusive.

Ah, uptime. You may have heard this word before, especially if you are an experienced web master. But for newbies, this is a concept that will seem unimportant until your website is down, customers cannot reach you, and you are on hold for days waiting for answers to your questions like: “When will my website be up again?”

When networks are down, it interrupts your service completely and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Choosing a company that is known for positive uptime near 100% is the best advice one can take when opening a new account with a web host.

That being said, Eleven2 has impeccable uptime records, averaging 99.9% network uptime for all web hosting and reseller hosting packages. This, coupled with their 24/7/365 support, is a huge selling feature for web masters of all calibers.


Backups are another very important feature for web hosting. As a web master, it is unlikely you will manually backup all of your files and website every single day. Thankfully, Eleven2 makes this easy with shared and reseller hosts by automatically backing up daily.

Customer Support

No matter your skill level as a web master, there will come a time when you need to take advantage of your web host’s customer service and technical support teams. Eleven2 has guaranteed support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Their support also guarantees a response within 20 minutes of inquiry through live chat and the helpdesk ticketing system. Helpdesk ticketing is a common feature for web hosts and gives users the option to type up a request ticket instead of picking up the phone and waiting on hold for an answer to their question.

Second in command to physical support is the site’s thorough library of video tutorials, FAQs, and forums that are useful resources to answer basic questions you may have while creating your website design, setting up your account, adding new domains, configuring emails, and more.
Eleven2 is the Best

In summary, Eleven2 has a plethora of features and benefits no matter what your goals are. Chances are, there is a package there for you. In addition to offering widespread packages, Eleven2 often runs promotions where you can save big if you sign up at the right time. This web host is a 5 out of 5 for their services, support, and user-friendly control panel.