Justhost Coupons 2016

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Starting their operations way back in 1998, JustHost is probably one of the most reliable names in the web hosting industry today. Over the years, JustHost has somehow managed to keep it simple offering only a few plans to their customer without confusing them with a plethora of features and package that they don’t really need. Apart from their basic web hosting plans, JustHost has recently started VPS hosting services for users who need more performance and customizability.


Justhost Coupon 2016

The reason we think JustHost is one of the best in the industry is because it does not attempt to do a lot of different things but instead it focuses on providing great customer support, high-speed performance, and unbeatable uptime percentage at an affordable price. The company has managed to maintain a great reputation thanks to their great server infrastructure. They have a dedicated data center right here in the US and well over 10,000 servers that cater to over a million customers worldwide.

JustHost Features:

Free Domain Name Registration: Almost all web hosting companies out there charge separately for domain name registration. This is where JustHost separates itself from the herd and offers free domain registration for the 1st domain. For customers who already have a registered domain name with other service providers JustHost offer free domain name transfer.

24X7 Customer Support: Customers of JustHost can get in touch with the company at any moment using the phone, email, or live chat. The company also guarantees that no matter what method of communication their customers choose they will always interact with a fully qualified agent instead of getting a pre-scripted response.

Unlimited Domain Hosting: This is a great advantage with people who have to manage multiple domains. JustHost gives you the option of managing an unlimited number of websites from a single cPanel account which significantly simplifies customization processes.

cPanel Integrated: No matter what plan you choose, JustHost gives you access to your very own cPanel account. cPanel is globally known for being the best and most user-friendly control panel for website customization and management software. In most cases, customers usually need to pay extra for a cPanel account registration. However, JustHost offers it as part of their package and charges no extra money for cPanel.

Free Access To Script Library: As a free add-on feature JustHost give customers the access to a script library called SimpleScripts absolutely free. SimpleScripts allow you to install a long list of web applications such as WordPress, Gallery, Roundcube, Joomla, OpenCart and many more at a single click of a button.

JustHost Advantages:

Great Value For Money: Apart showering customers with free add-on services, JustHost web hosting plans themselves are very well priced. New customers can also get attractive discounts if they can get their hands on JustHost coupons. No matter what plan you choose the money spent will always feel well worth it compared to the services and features you get.

Amazing Uptime: When it comes to maintaining a great uptime JustHost takes their job very seriously. They have over 500 employees to manage the operations, which includes technical experts who monitor the network 24X7. They also have a state-of-the-art monitoring system in place to make sure issues are detected in early stages and are dealt with immediately. JustHost current boasts an amazing uptime of 99.9% which is indicative of the degree of reliability they bring to the table.

Ironclad Money Back Guarantee: Even though most JustHost customers swear by its reliability and service, the company does have a concrete money back guarantee in place. Customers who are not satisfied with JustHost’s service can ask for a full refund within the first 30 days of subscription. Customers who have passed the initial 30 days can also request a cancellation and refund in which case the company returns back the money for the remain days of the subscribed period.

Great Service Record: The internet is saturated with unreliable web hosting companies that scheme customers out of their money without giving them the proper service. JustHost, on the other hand, has been in business for 17 years and has over a million customers globally. Over the years, they have proven themselves as the top web hosting company which offers a blend of great service, reliability, and features. Since their inception, they have received several web hosting awards by independent review websites including bagging the Already Hosting’s Top Web Hosting Company Award in 2009.

Final Verdict:

JustHost is probably the only web hosting company in the market today that comes with absolutely no drawbacks. As far as our verdict goes, we give JustHost and an unbeatable 5-star rating and recommend the site to any small and medium sized website owners.