WebHostingPad Coupons 2016

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Lately, there has been a lot of talk surrounding this particular webhosting company, so today we’re going to be looking at the WebhostingPad webhosting plans and go through what they have to offer.

Shared hosting plans

Their shared hosting services are not only one of the most sturdy and reliable services in the market, but also very affordable for webmasters who want to be in charge of their own website. Starting at $1.99 per month, you immediately receive unlimited web space and bandwidth, which is way more than you can expect from other webhosting companies at this price level.


WebHostingPad Coupons 2016


The price is so low that you might begin to worry about uptime, but rest assured that there is no catch involved. You even receive a 99% uptime guarantee, that’s how confident and professional WebHostingPad aims to be with their services. The risk lies on their shoulders alone.


Suitable for experts as well as beginners, the latter will be pleased to know that the technical process of creating a website is no longer an obstacle that needs to be feared. Thanks to their 1-click website creator tools, anyone can now create their very own website in the blink of an eye.


The shared hosting package also comes with unlimited mysql databases, email accounts, subdomains, autoresponders, customizable error pages, and everything you can expect from a reputable webhosting company. For the full list of features, feel free to check out their website.


When signing up for one of the WebHostingPad webhosting plans, you also get a free domain with your order!


It’s very unlikely that you will ever need to contact support, because their team is watching over your websites 24/7, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. But if you need to contact them regardless, you can do so at any time! You can submit a ticket, call them in person, or take advantage of the useful live chat feature. In any case, the customers are saying great things about their support, so you can expect a high level of professionalism and a quick response.


Your website is guarded by an advanced spam-guard technology, so the chances of getting attacked by spammers are low. And if somehow your website gets attacked and its code messed with, you can simply restore one of the automatic backups the system generates for you.

VPS hosting plans

If you’re a power user looking to host a heavily-trafficked website, you can take advantage of one of their VPS servers. Starting at $19.95 per month, the entry-level plan comes with 20 GB of disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth (measured on a month-per-month basis), 1 GB of ram, and 1 exclusive IP address.

The next level comes at $34.95 per month and it’s quite a jump in terms of resources available. You get 80 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 2 GB of ram, and 2 exclusive IP addresses.

For the hardest of the hardcore users, there is the highest-level package starting at $49.95 per month. With it, you receive 160 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 4 GB of ram, and 3 exclusive IP addresses.

VPS hosting privileges

Whenever you order a new VPS hosting plan, you receive a setup for free, so there are no hidden costs involved. You also get all of the above-mentioned benefits that shared hosting users receive plus more.


Based on the quality of their service, customer feedback and practically unbeatable prices, WebHostingPad deserves 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended!