Strategy Update

Bryant Black

Director, Workforce Development
Greater Houston Partnership


With the new year sitting right on the horizon, I’m certain many of us will begin to reflect on what we have accomplished in 2021 and what 2022 might hold for us both personally and professionally. December does this to me every year and 2021 has held some pretty great things for us at Construction Career Collaborative.

We started the year off with our three-year strategy focused on four critical areas:
Targeted Growth
Organizational Sustainability
Marketing and Brand Awareness
Looking back over our past twelve months, I’m happy to say we made progress in each of these areas. We expanded to incorporate projects in Austin and Lake Charles. Our educational offerings grew from only Driving Business Results to include both NCCER and OSHA courses that increase the ability of contractors to continue the education of craft workers as well as those that create and implement craft training programs from the office to the field.

We worked hard on creating a sustainable model for our governance as a 501c3 and found a number of places to locate our brand with partner events and throughout social and television media. Our golf tournament was the best we’ve ever held and sold out completely. And we are working to create a method to connect our owners and general contractors more regularly and honor owners who continually chose to build with C3 teams.

Finally, we hired four new people in 2021 and said goodbye to one amazing Executive Director who retired. Our 2022 is shaping up to be our best year yet and we have plenty left ahead of us to accomplish. While our team grew and that gives us more capacity, we really do our best work side-by-side with our volunteers and 2022 will see us needing even more of you to get involved. We have so many spaces to welcome your creative expertise and we promise we always make it fun. So join our team and work with us to put together the golf tournament, owner luncheon, or an industry outreach event like #SHEbuildsHouston. Not an event person, then step into a role with our focus groups, metrics, craft training, safety, or marketing committees. We have something for everyone!

So as you look toward 2022 and need a New Year’s Resolution, how about this one – “For 2022, I’m going to be a C3 volunteer and collaborate to create a safe, skilled, and sustainable craft workforce.” After all, we just can’t do this without you.

Happy Holidays and here’s to seeing you in 2022!

Angela Robbins Taylor
Executive Director

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