C3 Signature Event: 2024 Workforce Development Conference

The C3 Workforce Development Conference is a face-to-face event designed to provide Development, Training, HR Professionals, and Industry Leaders with knowledge, relationships, and potential solutions to commercial construction workforce challenges.

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The 2024 C3 Workforce Development Conference, “Building Futures: Elevating the Employee Lifecycle in Construction”, aims to spotlight the transformative best practices that shape every phase of the employee lifecycle within the construction industry. This theme reflects C3’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence from craft talent attraction to offboarding, ensuring a safe, resilient, skilled, motivated, and sustainable craft workforce ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s landscape in commercial construction. 

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Event Details

May 15, 2024

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Double Tree by Hilton Brookhollow

12801 Northwest Freeway

Houston, Texas 77040

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Key Focus Areas

  • Craft Training Attraction: Exploring innovative strategies to attract diverse and skilled talent to the industry.
  • Recruiting and Interviewing: Sharing effective techniques and tools for identifying and engaging the best candidates.
  • Onboarding: Highlighting best practices for integrating new hires into company culture and accelerating their productivity.
  • Craft Professional Skills Development: Discussing cutting-edge training and development initiatives that empower employees to advance in their careers.
  • Craft Skills Evaluation: Examining robust assessment methods to accurately measure skill levels and growth.
  • Employee Retention: Sharing strategies for nurturing a positive work environment that encourages loyalty and long-term commitment. 
  • Offboarding: Best practices for managing the offboarding process in a way that maintains a positive relationship and gathers valuable feedback for continuous improvement. 
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Conference Goals:

  • Inspire Innovation: Encourage the adoption of innovative practices and technologies across the employee lifecycle.
  • Foster Collaboration: Create a platform for industry leaders, HR professionals, and educators to share knowledge and collaborate on workforce development strategies.
  • Enhance Skills: Provide attendees with actionable insights and skills to improve their workforce development programs.
  • Build Community: Strengthen the community of construction professionals committed to advancing workforce development.
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Why Attend?

Participants will leave the C3 Workforce Development Conference with an informed understanding of the latest trends, tools, and techniques to enhance each stage of the the employee lifecycle. This conference is a great opportunity to network with peers, gain insights from industry leaders, and bring back innovative solutions that will drive workforce development and contribute to the success of the construction industry. 


How to Participate

As an attendee, presenter, vendor, or sponsor, be at the heart of the Gulf Coast’s largest gathering of HR and training professionals in the commercial construction industry. It’s a prime opportunity to discuss the latest in workforce development practices, technologies, and services. 

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