Our Team is Committed to Advancing Construction

The C3 team embraces our responsibility to support the specialty craft workforce. We are fortunate to work with hundreds of stakeholder groups who believe in our mission to develop a sustainable workforce. We will continue to invest in programs that support owners and construction leaders to advance the industry as a whole.

Our Team Members

angela taylor headshot

Angela Taylor, CNE, CIT

Executive Director

  • In her role since May 2021.
  • Partners with commercial construction leaders to attract and retain craft workers.
  • Joined C3 in June 2017.                
chase wilson headshot

Chase Wilson, MBA

Chief of Staff

  • In his role since October 2022.
  • Advances the financial security, health, and well-being of the construction craft workforce.
  • Joined C3 in 2022.
diane aguilar headshot

Diane Aguilar

Marketing and Development Manager

  • In her role since July 2021.
  • Connects people to a wealth of opportunities in construction.
  • Joined C3 in October 2017.
nick guidry headshot

Nick Guidry, MBA

Contractor Engagement Manager

  • In his role since June 2022.
  • Implements craft training programs reaching all crafts.
  • Joined C3 in November 2020.
claudia vega heashot

Claudia Vega, CIT

Operations Administrator

  • In her role since February 2023.
  • Involved in strengthening and improving the commercial construction industry.
  • Joined C3 in February 2023
daniel mancias headshot

Daniel Mancias

Compliance Administrator

  • In his role since May 2021.
  • Connects with workers at job sites to help maintain the integrity of C3’s programs.
  • Joined C3 in 2021.
ehren braden headshot

Ehren Braden

Special Projects Coordinator

  • In his role since September 2023.
  • Assists in the development, coordination, and logistics of events, programs, and operations.
  • Joined C3 in 2022.
morgan headshot

Morgan Henry

Workforce Development Specialist

  • In her role since October 2023.
  • Helps companies keep elevate the quality of their work through training programs.
  • Joined C3 in October 2023.         
rachel headshot

Rachel Sparks

Workforce Development Specialist

  • In her role since October 2023.
  • Works with companies to create and endorse their training programs.
  • Joined C3 in October 2023.

Employee Testimonials