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C3 supports owners by ensuring that projects involving craft workers meet our specific construction criteria.

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Why Owners Should Get Involved with C3

There is a shortage of quality craft workers to deliver project work for owners. Owners can enact change in the construction industry, so you don’t have to settle for substandard work.

Owners can mandate that General Contractors and Specialty Contractors validate their commitment to training and education for their workforce. When owners embrace their role as the driving force to elevate workforce development, you will benefit from consistent workforce standards on every project.

We set and monitor minimum requirements to support best practices on your project. By investing in the construction craft workforce, you will realize tangible benefits:

  • Higher quality work on your projects.
  • Safer work with fewer incidents.
  • Less rework delaying project timelines or causing budget issues.
  • Increased ability to support long-term facility construction initiatives.
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How Owners Can Get Involved

Project Designation

  • Designate an upcoming project as a “C3 Project.”
  • Require contractors to validate workers on the job.
  • Hold contractors to high standards.


  • Promote private-sector solutions to workforce issues.
  • Advocate for workforce changes.
  • Grow the visibility of your organization.


  • Involve your organization by supporting a C3 event.
  • Grow your personal connections with owners and contractors.


  • Volunteer on a committee that supports a specific aspect of the construction industry.
  • Network with like-minded industry professionals.
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C3 thrives on the participation of project owners. Become a part of the solution to build a sustainable craft workforce.