Education: Create Career Opportunities for Your Students

Construction is a growing industry with numerous career paths. We partner with ISDs in the Greater Houston area to generate awareness about construction to support your CTE program.

Group of students in professional training
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Why CTE Directors Should Get Involved with C3

C3 works with various school districts in the Greater Houston area to educate students about the many career paths available in construction.

Our innovative initiative, #SHEbuildsHouston, focuses on bringing a more diverse group of individuals to the construction industry by letting female students have a day of career exploration with hands-on experiences.
  • We work directly with CTE Directors to deliver resources to high school students.
  • We support construction career training in your CTE program.
  • We can set up career fairs and related events for students in your district.
As more students in your district become interested in a construction career, we will continue to lean into your CTE program. Let’s build momentum supporting students in your program.
Female Student In Carpentry Class Using Circular Saw
construction workers

School Districts

How CTE Directors Can Get Involved


  • Involve your school district in our organization by supporting a C3 event.

  • Grow your connections with owners, contractors, and other business affiliates.


  • Get a seat at the table to discuss solutions to workforce issues.

  • Advocate for a stronger talent pipeline.

  • Grow the visibility of your CTE program.

Construction Resources

  • Tap into educational and training resources for students.

  • Gather information to provide to CTE instructors.
    Learn more about career opportunities for students in your district.


  • Volunteer on a committee that supports a specific aspect of the construction industry.

  • Network with like-minded industry professionals.
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Interested in Participating?

We have great relationships with CTE Directors throughout Houston. Get involved to support your students!