Training Managers: Optimize Your Programs

Solve training challenges for your construction jobs. Work with C3 to advance your training program for specialty craft workers to attract skilled and employable workers.

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Why Training Managers Should Get Involved with C3

It can be difficult to create a safe, skilled, and sustainable craft workforce in the construction industry. We recognize challenges with building the best roster for each job, so we offer valuable resources that make it easier for training managers to source workers.

C3 works with your company to create competency maps specific to your company’s methods of training, which ensures that as your workforce changes, the quality of your products remains up to your standards.

C3 can also connect your company to OSHA training that fits the skills and experience of each worker. Additionally, we offer professional development opportunities to help you and your workers continue to grow their skills.

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How Training Managers Can Get Involved

Accredited Employer

  • Certify your company’s commitment to safety.

  • Access talent development consulting free of charge.

Training Database

  • Accredited Employers can use our database to view and manage workers on C3 job sites.

  • Realize efficiencies in managing your crew.

Training & Programs

  • Access OSHA certification, NCCER courses, and talent management courses.

  • Tap into our Craft Training Endorsement and EMERGE programs.

Contractor Resources

  • Access resources to incorporate safety topics into your training programs.

  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety.


  • Volunteer on a C3 committee to have your voice heard.

  • Connect with like-minded industry professionals.

  • Support safety in the craft workforce.
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Ready to Get Started?

Work with C3 to obtain resources to achieve endorsement of your craft training program.