Use the C3 Training Database

Access C3’s Training Database to make it easy to view the status of each worker at C3 construction jobs. Use our database to simplify people management for your company.

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Architecture business teamwork in office construction. Engineering industrial building development, town planning, blueprints of warehouse infrastructure, interior or exterior design strategy.

Purpose of Training Database

Enrolled C3 companies can use the training database to keep track of your employees’ training and safety credentials, project participation and assignments, and other employee information.

Who Can Use the Training Database?

C3 Accredited Employers, Project Participants, or Certified Staffing Agencies can use the database. The information contained in the C3 Training Database is confidential and intended for the use of the C3 staff and accredited C3 companies only. It is not intended for public use, and the data is password protected. The publication or distribution of the craftworker information contained within is strictly prohibited.

  • Only C3 Accredited Contractors (General Contractors) can see the workers on their C3 job sites.
  • Specialty Contractors (subcontractors) can only see their employees.
  • Specialty Contractors (subcontractors) cannot see the employees of other companies in the database.
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How to Use the Training Database

Access Database Manuals and How-to Guides to help you get started using the database. Click the links below to download the appropriate document.

Have questions or concerns about accessing or using the information contained in the database?

Contact us at 713-999-1013 or complete the form on our website.