EMERGE: Moving Project Participants to Accredited Employers

We have created a clear roadmap to advance from a one-off C3 Project Participant to an Accredited Employer. Find out how to elevate your commitment to supporting the craft workforce.

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What is the C3 EMERGE Program?

EMERGE is designed to help qualifying construction companies complete specific requirements to “emerge” as an Accredited Employer. Supported by a robust plan with clear milestones, the program is meant to help the Project Participants become a higher quality employer in the construction industry.

Our goal is to help companies understand the dynamic between talent management and business results and buy into the value of supporting the craft workforce, resulting in exceptional finished products.

About the EMERGE Program

Program Requirements

The program is available to current C3 Project Participants and potential new project participants. The core requirements include the following four elements:

  1. Completion of the Driving Business Results through Talent Management
  2. Completion of Mentoring for Craft Professionals
  3. Achieving Craft Training Endorsement at the Recognized Level
  4. Recruit and hire two employees from C3 sponsored career fairs

Critical Milestones

We ask participants to complete the following critical milestones in our 4-Step Model:

  1. Attend EMERGE Track Session
  2. Attend DBR & Mentoring
  3. Complete Craft Training Endorsement
  4. Complete Hiring Actions

Additional Information

Find out more about whether the EMERGE program is right for your company.

  • Who it’s for: Commercial construction companies that qualify as SBE, HUB, MWBE, or other.
  • After completion: Your company will move up to Accredited Employer*
  • Cost: This is a free program.
  • Application: You must be approved to join in.
  • Aid: Our goal is to help your company gain more knowledge and overcome any financial barriers that come with a new commitment to becoming an Accredited Employer.

*Provided all employees are W2 wage earners.

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Ready to get started?

If you are a Project Participant, contact us today to schedule a consultation about applying for the EMERGE program.