Expect More on Your C3 Project

Our tools and documents will help you stay on track with C3 requirements. Tap into our toolbox to increase efficiency and support safety on your jobsite.

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Start the Job With Confidence

We have published documents and tools for companies that have enrolled their projects with C3. Utilize our resources for project orientation, safety training, job startup, job completion, and other phases of a C3 Project.

Documents and Jobsite Resources for C3 Projects from Start to Finish

Starting Documents

To hit the ground running on a C3 project, please notify us 30 days prior to the bidding or commencement of work. We recommend using these documents to get started.

Jobsite Resources

Once the job is up and running, you can utilize these manuals and guides to meet project goals. Use these resources to remind your craft workers about safety.

Tools for Finishing a C3 Job

Once the work is complete, utilize our project close sheet to confidently close out a C3 project.

Watch: Craft Worker Orientation

Craft Worker Orientation (English)

Craft Worker Orientation (Spanish)

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Need Additional Support?

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