Advancing the Craft Workforce Through Education

C3 is funded by grants and public support to deliver high-quality continuing education opportunities for contractors. Advance the capabilities of your workers to reduce costs, increase productivity, and support safety.

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The Value of Continuing Education

The construction industry – and all stakeholders involved in the industry – benefit from a highly-skilled and qualified workforce. We believe it’s essential that contractors invest in continuing education and training for their workers to maintain a high level of productivity, quality, and safety on job sites. Committing to educational opportunities will push the industry forward and lead to better project outcomes for each company.

Contractor Education Programs

Featured Course: NCCER Mentoring

Course fee $125.

C3 offers the Mentoring for Craft Professionals certificate course developed by NCCER. The curriculum focuses on these areas:

  • Mentoring relationship
  • Characteristics of effective mentors
  • Phases of mentoring relationship
  • Communication techniques
  • Conflict resolution

After completing the training program, mentors will determine the needs of trainees and how they learn best. Through mentorship, the future construction workforce will be equipped with the skills and expertise needed to maintain the industry’s success.

Driving Business Results Through Talent Management

This workshop-style course was built by HR experts currently working in the construction industry. The course is based on the best practices accumulated through trial and error in the industry.

The Details

  • Course is offered monthly.
  • Course covers five primary areas (Recruiting, Onboarding, Learning and Developing, Evaluating, and Exiting).
  • Course fee is $50.

Who is this for?

  • Individuals currently responsible for the employee lifecycle in their company.
  • Individuals seeking to create an employee engagement process.
  • Individuals looking to launch a craft training program to secure a sustainable workforce. 
  • HR professionals responsible for managing people.
  • Professionals in operations roles.
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OSHA 10 HR Construction

OSHA 10-Hour is intended to provide construction craft professionals with a basic knowledge of the most common safety and health hazards found on many construction sites. The course also gives students an overview of their rights and how OSHA operates.

The Details

  • Course is offered monthly.
  • Class location is AGC Houston (3825 Dacoma St, Houston, TX 77092).
  • Course material covers 12 safety areas.
  • No prerequisites are required to take the 10-Hour course.
  • Cost to Accredited Employers is free.

Who is this for?

  • Entry-level workers in construction, demolition, building development, and other fields in the construction industry.

OSHA 30 HR Construction

OSHA 30-Hour is designed to assist construction managers, supervisors, and safety leaders with their responsibilities for workplace safety. Course participants will be educated on OSHA health and safety regulations affecting their construction workforces.

The Details

  • Course is offered regularly.
  • Class location is AGC Houston (3825 Dacoma St, Houston, TX 77092).
  • Course material covers 20 critical safety areas.
  • No prerequisites are required to take the 30-Hour course.
  • Cost to Accredited Employers is free.

Who is this for?

  • Foremen, supervisors, safety directors, or anyone who works in construction who requires additional training beyond the basics.

OSHA courses are offered in partnership with AGC-Houston.

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ESL for Construction Course

Many limited English proficient (LEP) workers are at a disadvantage – both professionally and in terms of safety – when they are not able to fully communicate in English with employers, colleagues, and clients. ​Courses that teach English to construction workers are needed for any limited English individual working in construction.

Learning English for construction workers will help in three main ways:

  • By improving workplace performance
  • By creating better work opportunities
  • By improving safety on the job

ESL for construction workers will teach employees:

  • Safety terminology and training (related to OSHA standards)
  • Basic construction vocabulary
  • Terms describing working on construction sites
  • Building material and tool vocabulary
  • Vocabulary specific to the employees’ work

After taking an English for construction workers course, employees will feel safer, more confident, and qualified to perform their work.

The Details

  • 12-week course meets two nights per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. CST. (Days may change based on scheduling restrictions.)
  • Cost: $250.00 administrative fee.
  • Participants must attend 16 or more classes in-person and complete 30 hours of training in the course app to graduate.
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Who is this for?

  • An individual currently working in the field of construction who is not fluent in English.
  • An employer with a limited English workforce.

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This course is offered in partnership with Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing.

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