Validate Your Commitment to Craft Training

General Contractors and Specialty Contractors must obtain a special C3 endorsement of their craft training program. Separate yourself in the market as part of the solution to elevate the craft workforce.

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What is the C3 Craft Training Endorsement?

Our Craft Training Endorsement program recognizes construction firms that have documented and implemented training programs to elevate the quality of work. Contractors that apply for the Craft Training Endorsement should possess these characteristics:

  • Demonstrate corporate leadership commitment to the development of craft workers.
  • Implement craft training programs for all craft workers.
  • Establish a sustainable workforce through craft training connected to a career path.

About the Craft Training Endorsement Program

Craft Training Endorsement Levels

The program offers four levels of Self-Assessment and three levels of Endorsement. The levels demonstrate progression from a rudimentary to a mature Craft Training Program, and companies are encouraged to achieve higher levels of endorsement as their programs progress.

​The Self-Assessment/Endorsement Levels below describe companies at varying stages of development.

Recognized: demonstrate active engagement in these Craft Training Practices:

  • Offers craft (skills) training.
  • Tracks craft (skills) training.

Leader: demonstrate active engagement in these Craft Training Practices:

  • “Recognized” level, plus defined career path for all craft positions, and 2 of the following 3:
  • Offers a structured training program.
  • Offers industry-standard credentials for employees (if relevant).
  • Provides ongoing training for the existing workforce.

Champion: demonstrate active engagement in these Craft Training Practices:

  • “Leader” level plus 2 of the following 3:
  • Learning and development programs linked to performance management of workforce, company goals, and/or metrics.
  • Culture of people development and a broad reach of development throughout all levels of the craft workforce.
  • Support industry-wide workforce development.

Pre-Program: companies not currently administering a documented Craft Training Program

  • Receive free consulting with C3 Workforce Development specialists to assess your starting point.
  • Access resources and guidance to create documentation of your training program.
  • Earn endorsement at one of the three levels.
  • Continue to utilize C3 to help achieve endorsement at higher levels.

Companies that are not currently administering a documented Craft Training Program (pre-program) are eligible to receive free consulting from the C3 People Development Team as they work to build a documented Craft Training Program.

Endorsement Process

The program allows companies to self-assess their current state and then apply for endorsement at the desired level. Companies must submit an application and undergo a thorough audit of the training program by C3’s Talent Management Committee. Company names are removed to ensure a fair assessment.

  • Companies that self-assess at the Recognized, Leader, or Champion level are given 60 days to prepare for the Craft Training Endorsement Review.
  • During the Endorsement Review, companies will discuss and provide documentation.
  • Companies must demonstrate active engagement in Craft Training Best Practices with their workers.

Pre-Program FAQs

It can be overwhelming to develop a documented Craft Training Program. It can also be daunting to move from pre-program status to full endorsement.

​We put together an FAQ document to answer any questions you may have. Access our document, “6 Most Asked Questions about C3’s Craft Training Pre-Program,” to learn more.

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Ready to get started?

If you are an active Accredited Employer, you are entitled to unlimited consulting with the C3 Workforce Development Team. Get started by scheduling a consultation with the C3 Workforce Development Team today.