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General Contractors and Specialty Contractors can affirm their commitment to safety and quality by enrolling as an Accredited Employer. Doing so increases your value to project owners.
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Why Enroll as an Accredited Employer?

Enrolling as an Accredited Employer signals to project owners that you are committed to construction safety and quality. The C3 designation indicates that you will utilize a trained workforce, deliver quality work, and complete projects on time and within budget.


Accredited Employers


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How to Enroll as an Accredited Employer

An Accredited Employer is a General Contractor or Specialty Contractor who is in full compliance with C3 principles for its entire craft workforce and wishes to help C3 positively impact the commercial construction industry. View our requirements to see if you qualify to enroll as an Accredited Employer.

Requirements of an Accredited Employer

  • All craft workers are paid by the hour, eligible for overtime as provided by law, and receive a W2.
  • Cover all craft workers with Workers’ Compensation Insurance.
  • Add all workers and field supervisors to C3 Craft Training Database and assign them to C3 project(s) where they will work.
  • Provide OSHA 10 and 30 training to all craft workers and field supervisors prior to arrival on a C3 job site.
  • Participate in the C3 Craft Training Endorsement Program.
  • Pay an Annual Accreditation Fee. (C3 Accredited Employer fee is $2,000 annually.)

Benefits of Becoming an Accredited Employer

  • All contracts for C3 projects are covered under one annual fee.
  • Free consultation with C3 People Development Team to develop craft training and talent management programs.
  • Unlimited consultation on Talent Management issues.
  • Bid contact listing in Specialty Contractor Directory.
  • Ability to participate in industry outreach events such as the annual C3 Career Fair.
  • Opportunity to send craftworkers to OSHA certification training at no cost to the employer.
  • Additional NCCER and C3 courses offered at little-to-no cost​​.

Ready to Apply?

Follow these steps to sign up as an Accredited Employer.

Step 1:

All applicants must complete the “Participating with C3” informational video.

Step 2:

You will also need to complete a brief password-protected survey prior to submitting your application. The password to access the survey can be found in the video.

Step 3:

All applicants must complete the Accredited Employer Application.

Step 4:

Applicants must pay the Accredited Employer fee before final approval.

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Accredited Employers

Other Enrollment Options

Unable to meet requirements to enroll as a C3 Accredited Employer? We have options that may be right for you. Contact us to learn more.

View Our Training Database

Already enrolled as an Accredited Employer? Accredited C3 companies can use our Training Database to view and manage workers on their C3 job sites.