Proudly Partnering with Construction Difference-Makers

C3 partners with contractors, owners, and other stakeholders throughout the construction industry to support the craft workforce. Learn more about participating companies that are invested in the future of the industry.
construction workers at the construction site

Our Current Participants

Find out more about the C3 participants who are helping develop a sustainable craft workforce.

Current C3 Projects

To date, more than 75 “C3” designated projects have been completed. These projects have spanned various markets, including Education, Healthcare, Churches, and more.

CSI Divisions

Hundreds of companies from the CSI specialty craft divisions participate with C3. See our Champion Level companies, Leader companies, and Recognized companies.


The construction industry serves the needs of project owners. Learn about the participating owners who are actively involved in supporting the craft workforce.

General Contractors

We support General Contractors that have committed to delivering high quality projects by using C3 Accredited Companies. See which companies are building C3 Projects.