Why You Need to Get Involved With C3

Let us help you take your company to the next level. Access valuable consulting services, training programs, outreach programs, and networking opportunities offered only to those committed to working with C3.

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The Value of Getting Involved with C3

Join the C3 mission by participating in formal training programs and getting involved in our programs. Your organization will benefit from a stronger construction craft workforce and better talent management.

We offer continuing education opportunities for your team through our partnerships with leading educational outlets. Find out more about how to grow your workforce through our offerings.

Our Training and Program Options

Contractor Education

This training option provides continuing education opportunities to equip your workforce with valuable skills for their roles.

Craft Training Endorsement

This program option validates your organization’s commitment to implementing training programs that support the workforce.


This program option is designed for companies to advance from a one-off C3 Project Participant to an Accredited Employer.

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Want to know more about getting involved with C3 through training and programs?

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