Enroll in C3: Certified Staffing Agencies

We partner with staffing agencies to find opportunities to place high-quality talent in construction roles. Streamline your job placement activities by enrolling in the C3 program.

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Why Enroll Your Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies can simplify the process of placing talent into construction jobs. We will work with you to ensure that workers meet the OSHA 10 and 30 safety training requirements, have appropriate skills and knowledge for the work to be done, and are qualified to work on C3 projects.

How to Enroll as a Staffing Agency

C3 Certified Staffing Agencies must meet our baseline requirements to enroll:

  • Commit to the development of specialty craft workers.
  • Provide OSHA certified labor to Contractors.
  • Pay talent according to C3 requirements.
  • Provide Workers’ Compensation insurance.
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Ready to Apply?

Follow these steps to enroll your staffing agency.

Step 1:

All applicants must complete the “Participating with C3” informational video.

Step 2:

You will also need to complete a brief password-protected survey prior to submitting your application. The password to access the survey can be found in the video.

Step 3:

All applicants must complete the Certified Staffing Agency Application.

Step 4:

Applicants must pay the Accredited Employer fee before final approval.

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Certified Staffing Agencies

View Our Training Database

Has your staffing agency already enrolled in C3? Enrolled companies can use our Training Database to view and manage workers placed at C3 job sites.