Creating a Sustainable Craft Workforce Together

Every company or organization involved in the construction industry benefits from a strong craft workforce. We bring stakeholders together to find solutions that elevate the quality and safety of construction projects.

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How We Support You

C3 is deeply committed to establishing strong workforce standards for construction projects. But we can’t do it alone. We need the support of companies and organizations that are involved in the construction industry.

We support our stakeholders by providing you with access to tools, educational resources, networking opportunities, programs, and other initiatives to grow your capabilities around recruiting, training, and retaining safe and skilled craft professionals.

By working together, we can create a strong talent pipeline that makes the construction industry a desirable career path for workers, resulting in safer and higher-quality projects.

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What Does C3 Involvement Look Like?

Partnering with C3 creates tangible benefits for owners, contractors, staffing agencies, training managers, educational leaders, and other industry affiliates. Your company or organization will benefit from regular involvement in C3 activities.

  • C3 Accredited Employers receive valuable access to craft training consulting and talent management best practices.
  • Educational leaders can get involved in C3-sponsored career awareness and hiring fairs to tap into resources that support the development of the craft workforce.
  • Individuals and companies enjoy opportunities to expand their networks at C3 events.

C3 Stakeholders We Support


We provide project owners with the tools you need to mandate a higher level of construction work.

General Contractor

We help GCs authenticate your commitment to safe construction projects.

Specialty Contractors

We support the needs of SCs to build a high-quality craft workforce.

Training Managers

We help safety and training managers maintain high levels of construction quality at the job site.

Education (CTE Directors)

We help CTE directors create awareness for career opportunities in construction through dedicated programs.

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