Why You Should Designate a C3 Project

We provide access to top-level construction projects that are designated as “C3 Projects.” Owners and contractors have the opportunity to work together to achieve the highest levels of quality and professionalism at the job site.

construction workers at job site

How to Designate a C3 Project

Owners can deem any commercial construction project to be a C3 Project. Additionally, C3 Projects may be brought forward by General Contractors.

Once the agreement between a contractor and owner for a designated C3 project is established, the contract language or RFP (Request for Proposal) document can be issued using the C3 General Conditions or sample RFP if desired.

Have Questions About C3 Projects?

Learn how your organization can become involved in designated C3 Projects.

Participating Owners in C3 Projects

We appreciate the involvement of project owners in certified C3 projects.