Electrical Pre-Apprentice Certification (EPP) Exam - Ready to Work

Construction Career Collaborative (C3) is a certifying entity for TRIO Education’s Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Certification (EPP) exam. This EPP Certification helps individuals set themselves apart from their peers. Earning this certification reflects that you have met the rigorous assessment process and are READY-TO-WORK in the construction industry.

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​There is a major shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry. Electricians are one of the many trades that are in high demand, and industry forecasts predict this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. The EPP Certification exam is designed to indicate a satisfactory level of practical knowledge-based readiness for the workforce in candidates seeking a career in the construction industry and more specifically electrical construction. Candidates who pass the EPP Certification exam are well received by the industry and those who are eligible for employment, have received job offers from many construction companies including electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, plumbing contractors, general contractors, material manufacturers, and material supply houses.

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Career Pathway

Individuals who pass the EPP Certification exam often receive additional training to further their careers. Those seeking a job in electrical construction, typically matriculate into a full-time DOL-approved Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) after obtaining employment.

Certification Exam

The EPP Certification exam is a performance-based test with no prerequisite courses or certifications required. The final certification will provide “transferrable” credentials that you may take with you wherever you go. The exam requires individuals to demonstrate proficiency in the following industry standards:

  1. Construction Safety
  2. Hand & Power Tool Use & Safety
  3. Material Recognition & Usage
  4. Electrical Conduit Bending
  5. Commercial Electrical Overhead Installation (Branch Conduit Installation)
  6. Commercial Electrical Wall Installation (Rough-In)
  7. Supporting and Securing Conduit and Wiring Apparatus according to the National Electrical Code

The EPP Certification exam consists of two parts, with the third being optional:

  1. Multiple-Choice Knowledge exam – 90 minutes / 112 questions (administered online)
  2. Virtual Reality Practical exam – 90 minutes (administered through a Virtual Reality headset)
  3. Hands-On Practical exam – 90 minutes (optional in-person)

For more information on topics covered in the Multiple-Choice Knowledge and Practical exams, please click the buttons below.

Exam Locations

Exams can be taken at any school district or training program that is currently using TRIO Education’s EPP or at a testing facility designated by the certifying entity. There is no age or bachelor’s degree requirement and enrollment in TRIO Education’s EPP is not a pre-requisite to taking the exam. The EPP Certification exam is administered using technology, which ensures all exams follow a strict set of standards for measuring performance based on industry specifications. This technology also allows the examination process to be more accessible and affordable​

Individuals who want to take the EPP Certification exam but don’t have access to a school district or training program administering TRIO Education’s EPP can arrange to take the exam at a testing facility designated by the certifying entity. Please contact the certifying entity for more information.

Exam Pricing

​There is no cost to taking the Written Multiple-Choice or the Virtual Reality Practical parts of the exam. If an individual chooses to take the Hands-On Practical, there will be a one-time examination fee of $350.00. Note, students taking the Hands-On Practical should come prepared with the following tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Wire strippers
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 9” Lineman’s pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Angled cutter
  • Torpedo Level
  • (2) 10” Channel locks
  • Pipe reamer
  • Roto splitter
  • Hacksaw
  • Work boots
  • Tool belt/pouch

Scheduling the Exam

​Individuals looking to take the EPP Certification exam should contact their instructor if they are currently enrolled in the EPP training program.  Individuals who are not enrolled in the EPP training program, can schedule the exam by contacting Diane Aguilar at [email protected] or by phone at 713.999.1324.  The Multiple-Choice Knowledge and Hands-On Practical exam typically take up to 3 hours to complete from start-to-finish.  Exam administrators will notify candidates of their scores after completing the exam.  Individuals with passing grades on the exam will receive a letter from the certifying entity that acknowledges successful completion of the EPP Certification exam.  This industry recognized credential can be shared with future employers and is valid for 3 years.
For more information on the EPP Certification exam, please contact Diane Aguilar at [email protected] or by phone at 713.999.1324.