C3 Reimburses Companies for the Cost of Training

Diane Aguilar

Marketing & Development Manager
Construction Career Collaborative

​If your company is a C3 Accredited Employer and employs less 100 employees, it is eligible to be reimbursed by C3 for the costs associated with training, and there are no strings attached.  This is free money, and it can be like finding up to $2,000 on the sidewalk!  If I have your attention, please read on.

As some of you may be aware, C3 is the recipient of a $100,000 grant from Texas Mutual Insurance, the largest workers compensation insurance carrier in Texas.  A significant portion of this grant money has been designated to reimburse the cost of training-related expenses for small businesses.  To be more specific, C3 will reimburse the cost of training-related expenses, up to $2,000, for C3 Accredited Employers that have less than 100 employees.  Covered expenses include the cost of the training class itself and the wages associated with it for the employees that completed the training.  The types of training that are covered include, but are not limited to, skills training, safety training and management or leadership training for those that supervise or lead the craft workforce.

Another large portion of this grant has been designated to underwrite the cost of the C3 accreditation fee for Small Businesses and Historically Underutilized Businesses.  To date, 21 companies have been the beneficiary of this grant money, which very importantly provides them access to C3’s consulting services, free of charge, pertaining to the development and delivery of craft training programs linked to construction career paths.

If you are interested in being reimbursed for the costs associated with the training of your craft workforce, please contact C3 Operations Administrator, Diane Aguilar.  Diane can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone (713)999-1324.

Chuck Gremillion
Executive Director

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