Gathering C3 Momentum

Bryant Black

Director, Workforce Development
Greater Houston Partnership

C3 continues to build momentum as evidenced by two recent occurrences, starting with the announcement that Texas Children’s Hospital has specified that its new TCH-The Woodlands Campus and TCH-Feigin Center 18th Floor OB/GYN Renovation will be C3 projects. This means that all contractors working on them – every General Contractor and every Specialty Contractor – must be an Accredited C3 Employer or have received C3 Project Status designation (formerly called Conditional Status). Not only is this a big win for craft workers, C3, and a sustainable construction workforce, but contractors have also told me that it is a win for them as well because it ensures a level playing field for all when competing for work.
In addition, and very importantly, C3 recently received notification from the Internal Revenue Service that it is now a 501(c)(3) organization. We can now raise money to fund our activities which enable C3 to fulfill its mission.
These activities include working to develop craft training for those trades that do not currently provide it, working to improve craft training for trades that do, and the creation of curriculum in high schools, community colleges, and other education providers for those students interested in a career in construction.  
C3 will establish an audit function to verify that workers are paid according to wage and hour laws, while also assuring that workers compensation insurance is provided and safety training is delivered.  
Because C3 represents change in how the commercial construction industry conducts its business, there is a natural resistance because change is difficult. However, C3 represents positive progress that must occur if we are to attract young people seeking a career to the construction industry. 
As the industry adapts, C3 gathers more and more momentum. There are now more than 30 Accredited C3 Employers, up from six just four months ago. However, C3 needs more general contractors and specialty contractors to become accredited in order to take control of the industry and its workforce. C3 also needs more forward-thinking owners who recognize that high-quality projects produce happy users and cost less to maintain. 
Please help us add to our growing momentum. If your firm is not an Accredited C3 Employer, or you are an owner who has yet to investigate what C3 can bring to your project, please contact me via email at [email protected] or by phone at 713.843.3719.

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