The Craft Workforce – Pride in Being Essential

Bryant Black

Director, Workforce Development
Greater Houston Partnership

During these trying times created by the COVID-19 virus, it struck me just how important the construction industry is, and specifically the craft workers that build our structures.  It is not a coincidence that those that make up the construction industry are considered essential along with first responders, healthcare workers and grocery store employees, among others.  The people that fill these critical positions are the foundation of our society.  If you aren’t sure of that, just imagine the chaos that would reign without them.

Too often, the construction craft worker is taken for granted by those that use, occupy and benefit from the buildings and structures they construct.  Imagine a society without the construction craft worker. Imagine a society without highways, office buildings, hospitals, chemical plants, schools, churches, arenas and shopping centers.  Without the craft professional, complex structures such as these would not exist.

Take a bow Mr./Ms. electrician, plumber, welder, millwright, rebar rodbuster, concrete finisher, carpenter, sheet rocker, roofer, painter, landscaper, tile setter, acoustical ceiling installer, fire proofer, glazer, HVAC technician, sheet metal craftsperson, steel erector, cabinetmaker, heavy equipment operator and many more.  You are the rocks of our society.  You are the professionals that build America!    We are proud to call you our neighbor!  You are essential!  THANK YOU!!

Chuck Gremillion
Executive Director

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